Austin has been coaching for CGI for 2 years. He currently coaches XCEL for all levels.  His backround is in cheer, tumbling and gymnastics.  Austin is currently a member of the Elevation Dunk Squad for the Denver Nuggets. We are thrilled to have him on our team of coaches.

We are thrilled to have Maggie as one of our Optional Coaches.  She graduated from the University of Denver in 2016 where she was a member of the DU Gymnastics Team.  She is an outstanding asset to our program and brings her NCAA and Junior Olympic knowledge to our program.

Kristin has been part of the CGI coaching staff for over 8 years.  She was an NCAA 5 time MAC champion at Central Michigan University where she received her undergraduate degree while on a full gymnastics scholarship.  She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy 2 years ago at Regis University here in Denver.  We could not be happier to have her as one of our top optional coaches.

Tomi has been part of the coaching staff at CGI for over 4 years.  She currently helps run our XCEL program but also contributes to our JO program for levels 3-7.  She was a level 10 gymnast for CGI and was the state vault champion.




Sue is our XCEL Competitive Team Director.  She has been part of the CGI staff for over 4 years.  She has been coaching gymnastics for over 10 years.  She was a competitive athlete herself as a young adult and watched her two girls achieve many successes in the sport of gymnastics.

Team Coaches

Gail has been a part of CGI for over 15 years. She is our mental coach and works with our team girls weekly.  She works on skills that develop positive self thinking, visualization, goal setting, and strategies for letting go of mistakes.  This valuable coaching rounds out the CGI approach to a well rounded coaching strategy.


Maki has been coaching at CGI for over 4 years.  She is our dance instructor who specializes in perfecting gymnastics skills with precise accuracy.  She is a wonderful asset to our team program



Keiko has been coaching at CGI for over 8 years.  She was a level 10 gymnast. She created our developmental program and 3 years ago advanced to our USAG team program.  She currently coaches levels 3 through 9.

Annastasia was a former level 10 gymnast in Colorado for many years. She currently coaches our girls from level 3 through level 10.  She joined the CGI team in 2010 and is an outstanding member of our team.


CGI is fortunate to have such a talented group of coaches on staff!  These are a few of our many talented coaches at CGI!!!
Sonia is a former competitor for the University of Northern Colorado and graduated with a degree in exercise physiology and nutrition. Sonia is one of the head coaches at CGI.  In addition to coaching, she choreographs floor exercise and balance beam routines for Levels 6-10.  Sonia joined CGI in 2000.
Vinicio is one of our head coaches.  He is a former competitor and native of Caracas, Venezuela.  Vinicio's experience includes working with the Venezuelan Women's National Program before coming to the U.S.  Vinicio joined CGI in 1992.  


Lindy is the former owner of CGI and one of our head coaches.  Lindy was a two-time national competitor from the University of Northern Colorado.  Lindy was also a nationally rated judge for ten years and served on the United States Gymnastics Federation and as a board member of the Women's Judging Association.  In 2010 Lindy was named Region 3 Coach of the Year.